H1Z1 Coinflip

H1Z1 Coinflip is another kind of game for only two players. One against one. This is a type of game where participants place almost the same amount of the deposit, so the chances to win are equal here. THe game start with picking your game color between red – crimson and black. A player who creates Coinflip get to pick first. Winner will receive an offer to exchange provide with his winnings.

Are there any bonuses?

You also can get a better level on site and there is often a bonus prepared for you for it. Levels in the coinflip game are calculated by algorithm who watch how much games you played on the site. The time is running and counting, so for every 0.01 you are about to get one experience. Often there are no bonuses in the bigger levels, because the bonus purpose is to show you a good time, entertain you to spend more time playing.